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Push/Pull Split Using Set/Rep Bible


Hi guys! Fresh new on this site, but a long time reader.
I am a 18 yo kid so take me easy!
I have 2 years of training using different splits and stuff but never been consistent with training due to different problems (money or family issues).
With my nutrition i was always consistent and lost ~50 lbs.

I am heading to a bulk after this cut ending at august 15 or so.
Lean bulk as 1/2 lbs per week or 1/3 lbs per week.
Diet is in check, supplimentation also(i am just using the basics multi , creatine ,aminos , efa , and no protein powders as i do not like drinking my cals)

The problem that i need help into, is my training. I have great legs and back , chest is normal, shoulders and arms lagging big time(my father has also the same problem). So, i tried conceiving a split by myself using info from this site:

Push pull split

Day 1 push 24 set 310 reps
Lat raise 3x12
Military press 5x5
Db (palms facing) chest press 5x8-12
Pressdowns / skulls 5x8-12
Calve raise seated/standing 3x20
Abs 3x30

Day 2 off

Day 3 pull 24 sets 250 reps
face pulls 3x12
Chins 3x6-10
Bb / db row 3x6-10
Feel Curls 5x10
Deadlift 5x5
Leg curl 2x12
W curl 3x20

Day 4 Off

Day 5 push 22 sets
Lat raise 3x12
shoulder press variation 3x8-12
Bench press 5x5
Dips / cg bench 5x10
Calve raise seated/standing 3x20
Abs 3x30

Day 6 pull 24 sets 260 reps
Rear delt fly 3x12
Chins 3x6-8
Cable row 3x10-12
Feel Curls 5x10
Squats/leg press 5x5
Leg extension 2x12
W curls 3x20

Day 7 Off


I'm a big fan of doing my big movements first, (deadlifts, bench press, squats, overhead press, power cleans), then adding another big assistance lift, (Chins, Rows, Incline Bench, Dips, etc) then add your isolation stuff after these. The simplest routine to follow that will eliminate the guess work would be to check out Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 Program. I bought for the kindle to view on my I-phone and it's a great program. He suggests doing the same thing I mentioned but also will give you precise loading parameters where you won't burn yourself out.


Well, i was thinking also about that and i thought at another split. The point is that i need to have more shoulder and arm work than i normal program.

Day 1 24 sets
Ohp 5x5
Db bench 5x10
Dips / cg bench 5x10
Lat raise 3x10
Calve raise 3x20
Crunches 3x30

Day 2 off

Day 3 24 set
Deadlift 5x5
chins 5x10
Hammer Curls 5x10
Delt pulls 3x10
Leg curl 3x10
W curl 3x20

Day 4 off

Day 5 23 set
Bench 5x5
Sh press 5x10
Skulls / pressdowns 5x10
Lat raise 3x10
Calve raise 3x20
Crunches 2x30

Day 6 24 reps
Squats 5x5
Rows 5x10
Peak Curls 5x10
Rear delt fly 3x10
Leg ext 3x10
W curl 3x20

Day 7 off


@gabriel 1228

If you don't mind me asking, what is your current weight and where are you at with the following lifts: Bench, Press, DL, Squat, Rows and/or chins/pull-ups/lat machine?


For alot of years I've been spliting up the guys I train into two groups, chest dominate, or shoulder dominate. most guys will find it easy to put muscle on one of these groups,and hard to put muscle on the other. What I've found that works is to stick to one or two basic exercises for the easy body part, and to use targeted pre-exhaust, followed by heavy movement for the difficult bodypart. In your case it seems your shoulders are hard gaining, but mabey your chest, and tris are just dominating. I've had guys that get a pump in there chest and tris after heavy militaty, and nothing in there shoulders. Anyway if this is what your problem is, you might want to try this out. Start your pressing day with latterals, 2-3 sets of 10-20, than set up to overhead press, smith machine, or hammer strength are best because you'll be tired.

Now continue, doing sets of laterals between sets of press's, you don't have to rush. do 5 sets of each, keep the pressing at 8-12, and than move on to the rest of your press day. This should help your shoulders catch up. As far as the split, you haven't really stated your goals, it would be far easier to help with the split if we knew your goals, BBing, PLing, or Athletic training. Goodluck !