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Push/Pull Split Suggestions?


im going to jump on the push/pull thing. heres what i come up with. nice and simple.

Push 1

dips (weighted)
arnold press
decline db or bb
flat db or bb

Push 2
OHP db or bb
cg bench
incline db or bb

Pull 1
BB row
CG cable row

Pull 2
db row
wg cable row

calf raises
leg press
(ill mix up leg days with various of the above)

repeat. what type of rep ranges or parameters should i shoot for with something like this? maybe a 10x3 for one of the flagship exercies? ie on push 1, 10x3 for the decline press, the rest 'normal' like 3x8 etc... i want to do enough volume to stimulate hypertrophy, and i know there are only 4 movements each day, but they are the big compounds wich i dont feel i need much more to accompany them. thanks in advance.


A little off - topic but I'm guessing you're a big Punisher fan :stuck_out_tongue: ?

5 x 5 sounds good for rep / set ranges as well :slightly_smiling:


Deadlifts as well


yeah bro, me and francis go way back..

5x5 parameters for every exercise then? 80% of 1rm for 5x5?
my deads are on leg day, sldl. i dont do regular deads. maybe throw in some reverse hypers or gm's on each one of the pull days, and im gonna add pullovers somewhere too. love them.
any other suggestions or does 5x5 seem to be enough volume?


Here are some I even slit up the push pull by plane Horizontal/Vertical.

upper pushing(horizontal)
bench press (dumbbell, barbell)
flat, incline,decline
floor press

upper pushing(vertical)
Military press (standing/seated, dumbell/barbell

upper pulling (vertical)
lat pull downs,

upper pulling (horizontal)
Bent over rows(barbell/dumbell)
seated rows

lower body
back squat
front squat
dumbbell squat
box squat
overhead squat
back squat with feet together

just a few good ones



thanks dj...for those of you guys doing push pull splits, how many split up by horizontal/vertical planes, and how many just do push one day and pull the next, always including a leg day of course. any prefrence as to what style? and why?


Add regualr or Sume DL to a Pull day. Your legs are getting not NEAR enoguh attention as is compared to the Smaller upperbody.'

Thats my 2cc


thanks phil, my plan was

mon-push 1
wed-pull 1

repeat, replacing push/pull 1 with 2.
legs still get hit once a week...
like i asked before anybody feel like chiming in with their prefrences and logic re: push/pull splits using horizontal and vertical planes as opposed to a push day, pull day, etc...