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Push-Pull Split, No Isolation Exercises?


I have been trying various splits but have yet to try a strictly push-pull split. I can’t seem to get over the mental part of not using isolation movements because of not fine tuning individual muscles and losing the definition. Maybe someone who has used the PP split, can let me know how its worked for them. I understand compound movements are the shit, but can I keep the definition in my muscles if i’m no longer focusing on individual muscles?


why do you think a push/pull split doesn’t use isolation exercises?


I don’t know what your goals are but I’ll assume they’re performance related
If so why not use isolation to bring up the proper muscle groups?If your bench suffers due to weak triceps why not try to turn your current 10 rep extension max into a 15 rep max or add 20 pounds to them?
Don’t forget a bigger muscle has the potential to produce more force that a smaller one


What Yogi said.
I have done push/pull/legs for quite a while and use isolation exercises just fine.
Also, if that is you in your profile pic you don’t need to be asking us for advice. You seem to have it figured out pretty good.