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Push/Pull Split and CrossFit Training

I’m going to try to copy what Coach Thibaudeau did when he trained crossfit almost exclusively. My plan is to train crossfit 2-3 times a week and have my own strength training in between. Should I go with a push/pull/legs routine with crossfit? Or push/pull/push and pull? Example: Monday-crossfit , tue- push, wed- crossfit, thurs- pull, Friday or Saturday-push and pull (or legs)

That’s a tough question because it depends on the content of the WODs. If you do your own Crossfit programing it will be easier to plan because you can coordinate the WODs with the lifting. For example if you train legs 2x per week it would be best not to put too much legs on the crossfit workout on the other days.

If you follow a group class programing then it can be trickier because on some weeks you might have lots of legs in all 3 Crossfit workouts while on some others the legs might not be train that much.

Same with pulling… Crossfit is often pulling-heavy so if you have tons of pull-ups 3x a week it might be unwise to train the pulling muscles 2 more times hard.

And when you do group programing you don’t know in advance what the week is going to look like.

My advice is to start with 3 lifting sessions per week.

  1. Legs / Squat emphasis
  2. Push
  3. Pull (which would also include a deadlift variation)

After a while you might get a feeling for the type of programing at the box you are going to and from there you can adjust the lifting portion