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Push/Pull Selection

Certain exercises ( to my logic at least ) seem harder to put neatly into the push or pull category. I can see how the bench press or the shoulder press can be seen as a push exercise and the bent over barbel row as an example of a pull exercise.

But what about flys and cable crossovers? Cable flys especially and motions such as side lateral raises and rear lat raises? Are these pull or push? I wish to break down my routine into a push/pull configuration with as little muscle crossover as possible.

I can work my pecs via pressing movements but what if I want to incorporate flys and crossovers? I am led to believe these target the pecs but are they a push exercise or am I just sweating the minutiae?

They’re push exercises because they work your pushing muscles. Pecs for Horizontal push, and shoulders for Vertical push. You are just sweating the minutiae though.