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Push/Pull Routines

I’m looking for a push/pull routine to do 3 days a week, Mon, Weds and Frid, I find 4 days is too much.

I don’t really want legs to have their own day as I find it too taxing so prefer to include squats with push days and hammie exercises with pull days.

I was wondering if anyone liked a particular push/pull routine? Have looked around but am not finding any where legs are included with push/pull or maybe i’m just not looking in thr right place, they all seem to have push/pull/legs routines.

Anyone recommend anything they’ve done and liked? Thank you very much for any advice :slight_smile:

What you are looking for is often called 2 a day push pull.

Something like this might help you:

Some other examples:

How often you perform such a workout is actually up to you…

just make it up.



  • squats 3-4x5-10
  • bench 3x5-10
  • military press 3x5-10
  • triceps 3x10-12


  • rdl/sldl/deadlift 3-4x5-10
  • whatever row variation you like 3x8-12
  • chins/pullups/whatever grip you like 3x8-12
  • biceps 3x10-12
  • delts or whatever is lacking

sets & reps are probably best for yourself to decide but in case you have no idea i did note it in either way. regarding reps, sets and even exercises i find it’s really up to the trainee if this is about bodybuilding. just do whatever feels right and stick to a basic script(!)

Thank you so much for your reply, those routines look great and I can make them 3 days per week, thanks again :slight_smile:

Jim Wendler’s beginner routine might also help:

I really liked the Book Power training by robert dos remedois .

It gives you templates and you choose the push pull movements. The very beginning of my log I was using that program if you wanna have a look. It is a 4 day per week but I did a 3 day per week rotation at that time. I loved it!