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Push/Pull Routine Suggestion


Having always done bodypart split routines I thought I'd try something different, this is something I came up with real quick and would like to know what you guys think, thanks

PULL - deadlift, power cleans, power shurgs, bar rows, pullups, facepull, cable rows

PUSH - military press, bench press, front squats, dips, flyes, calf work

PULL - power snatches, 1 arm deadlifts, stiff-legged deadlifts, t-bar rows, pullups, 1 arm db row, pulldowns

PUSH - squats, push press, floor press, incline db press, lat raise, rear delt raise, calf work


Ok but what's the routine going to look like?



I really like the Push/pull idea. Read TC's article on it.

You could probably skip one or two movements per session to save on time depending on how you set it up.

And also answer Xanderbuilts questions.


Great, been ages since we had a critique my routine thread!


Are we supposed to be leaving these alone? haha


As a group, we class of 2011ers really suck.




I prefer push/pull/legs

I do that, rest a day and then repeat.


Yeah, we really do suck pretty hard dont we?

Hey while on the topic could you look at my routine?

Monday: Take jacked

Tuesday: Stare at weights

Wedensday: Get embarrassed and go to the treadmill(I dont want to get too big, you know right?)

Thursday: Starve myself while looking at A&F models

Friday: Take multiple bathroom mirror photos of my RIPT ABZ

Weekend: Drink, eat shit food, play XBOX, crymax.


What do you guys think?


There's no creatinez in there - gl with that lols!


We do try to but they just keep coming lol