Push/Pull Routine for Rugby

I’m interested in putting on some strength size for rugby. I’m new to rugby and not sure what the demands are on the body for practices and games. anyways, I’m planning on trying a 3 day split push/pull routine on the days i dont have a practice or game.

So I decided to focus on the major compound lifts but I wanted to include some isolation type movements (mostly for aesthetic reasons).

so i thought I would do 2 push workouts and 2 pull workouts over the course of 8 days and only training MWF.

Heres what it might look like:

Push Workout A:

Squat 3x5
Bench 3x5
DB military press 3x5

Pull Workout A:

Power Clean 3x5
Romanian deadlift 2x5
Seated Row
DB curls

Push Workout B:

DB lunges or one legged squats 3x5
Bench 3x5
Military Press 3x5
Close Grip BP
Upright rows

Pull Workout B:

Ham curls
Pendlay Rows 3x5
Pull downs
Straigt bar curls

for most of the isolation work I didn’t include sets or reps because i wasn’t sure the amount of volume i should be doing in addition to the heavy compound lifts.

so my week will look somewhat like this:

Mon: push A
Tues: practice
Wed:pull A
Thurs: practice:
Fri: push B
Sat: game
Sun: off
Mon: pull B

I’m not sure I would be overtraining on a program like this. I’d love to hear some thoughts on this routine or any suggestions.

By the way heres my stats:

24 y/o
15-18% BF is my guess
Bench: 295
Squat: 350

If you are in the middle of your season you should focus on running and lift to maintain strength.
What position to you play?

yeah the season starts next month…I’ll probably be playing flanker.

[quote]MrQ wrote:
yeah the season starts next month…I’ll probably be playing flanker.[/quote]

what days are practice?

When I had practice tues/thurs with a game on sat, I did 2 full body workouts on mon/wed to maintain muscle and strength. Otherwise it was fitness.

exactly great advice and d drop the w/o prior to the game