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Push/Pull Results

Last meet for 2015 and my fourth in my first year of powerlifting. Also my first push/pull. Not squatting was different.

Managed to go 6/6, set a 10 lb bench PR and edge closer to that 300 lbs while coming within 10 lbs of my best deadlift with a meet PR (which are what count) for a push/pull total of 847 lbs (286/561).

Weighed in at 213 and came first for the leg and 10th overall out of 19 in the 220 lbs class (the meet was run in various cities simultaneously).

Nice work, especially the bench progress.

Thanks. I’m happy with how my lifts are progressing right now. Seems like I finally found how to get my bench moving and I also finally started enjoying doing it which I suspect plays a big part in it improving.