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Push Pull Results 940 @ 179 Horrible Day But Still Very Happy


Just got home from my push pull meet. Was in the 181 class weighed in at 179. Things did not go at all how I wanted but still very happy with the lifts. I’ll have a video up on my youtube page possibly tomorrow. Opener on bench 330 I actually pressed before the command and stoped just off my chest and finished the lift so threw that out. second 355 clean lift long pause. Tried to play it safe went 370 on third and long pause just couldnt get it. Deadlift opened with 585 nice and smooth. heres where things went great but bad. I knew it was going to be a fight off the floor cause I train with reg plate and they used thin ivanko ones. Second attempt 625 broke the floor and slight downward motion before lock out. Went for broke 660 fought it off the floor but again slight down travel near lock out. Was givin the down command before I finished but locked it for myself. So to me thats a best 660 and with thin plates and hook grip. Next time I’ll have more time working with sumo and lifts will be cleaner and heavier.

Short video is up


Good shit man… You had a big deadlift session in training a week ago so I have to ask do you think you peaked too early?


Honestly that deadlift session meant more to me than the meet. Normally I would have only hit an easy single with about my second attempt. But felt good So pushed it. I don’t really peak my lifts for a meet usually what goes up in training is what I hit in comp. Maybe 5-10 lbs less on each lift cause I cut about 8lb

Once I get more comfortable with heavy weight on sumo I’ll lock it cleaner did not get much practice with heavy weight


Gotcha man, let me know when you make a run at Ed Coan’s record and I’ll make the drive to Jersey to see it happen, haha…

Seriously though keep doin your thing. Seeing someone who doesn’t really program and just focuses on wrecking heavy shit every damn day is refreshing. Tryin to incorporate some of that attitude into my own training.


Thanks man and hell yea. I want that record more than anything in the world and I wont stop till its mine


Do you have video exellent lifts, huge jump in last pull, though . I true champion is never satisfied with results, always wants to do more.
Keep banging , where is your squat?


Search vinent pachuta on youtube.
Didnt squat cause it bothered my back. Was at 560


What caused the downward motion at lockout? I looked up your video on youtube, to me it looks kind of like you tried to lean back too much at lockout and went off balance.

Anyway, you definitely have the strength to pull 660 and probably 700 soon, if you can hold off the rep maxes a week out!


Good stuff man. Looks like we got called for basically the same thing on deadlifts, except you had 200 more lbs on the bar.


No promises ha ha. I think I just need more time pulling sumo to get used to it. I had the balance problem at lock out with decently heavy weight toward the ends of sets when I start straining the first few times pulling in training. I really think a few more sessions and I’ll get it down.


Thanks dude went for broke on last pull cause comp was already crap. Otherwise I would have played it a bit safer.