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Push/pull Question


Hi I've thought about giving either push/pull or push/pull/legs a shot, but I can't seem to find any good articles on the subject. I don´t think "The push/pull workout" looks very good.

So any suggestions for a workout, along with excercises, rep scheme and rest prescribed would be welcome.

For push/pull/legs I was thinking three compound exercises per workout, plus two isolation. So for push day it could be something like this:
Bench press 4x6
Dips 3x8
Loaded push ups 2x12
Skull Chrusher 3x8
Pressdowns 2x12

Any thoughts?


Don’t need 5 exercises. Skll crushers and cable push-downs are basically the same AFAIK. Why not:

Close-grip BP 4x6
Dips 3x8
Skull crushers 3x12
Optional DB overhead press.

This’ll probably be more than enough.


I just thought that when you, with the push/pull/leg split, got 3 days of rest between each of the workouts, it could be an advantage to pump the volume a bit?


If you’re interested in push/pull workouts get the book “Power Training” by Robert dos Remedios. Lots of good stuff…