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'Push-Pull' push-up

Anybody have any idea how to do this exercise? I came across it on Coach Davies site in one of his archaic workouts.

Coach Davies could fill up an entire book on exercises he uses such as this that most have never heard of before.:slight_smile: To be honest I’ve never heard of it before either but just to throw a shot in the dark i’m gonna guess you do an explosive pushup and then instead of lowering yourself back to the start you “pull” yourself back to the start to get more of a plyometric effect.

Thanks for your reply. It sounds like a good description since Coach Davies has you using dumbbells or concrete blocks. Maybe we could get the ol’ Coach to write an article for the ‘Exercises You’ve Never Tried’ series.

I was taking Kickboxing a few years back and the instructor would give us kickass drills. One was a knucklepushup that started as normal but once in the bottom position you would pull yourself forward so your hands were beside your chest,then up, back to start and repeat. Killer! Maybe this is what CD means.

there was one where you use the dumbells for handles to do the pushup and when you get to the top position you do a 1 arm row(probably best to start from the kneeling position for the row)