Push Pull Program w/ Back Injury

Hey guys,

I am starting my own Push/Pull program, alternating between 2 heavy days and 2 hypertrophy days. I’m recovering from a lower back tweak and haven’t been doing any squats or deadlifts while this heals. Split squats feel fine though, so I am going to focus on variations of them for now.

I would appreciate any input regarding which lower body lifts to include on my “pull” days. For simplicity I’m trying to just include one primary lower body lift per day. I lift at home so no fancy equipment.

My thoughts are:

  • Pull (heavy): BB hip thrusts or reverse lunge?

  • Pull (light): BB hip thrusts, reverse lunge, 1-leg hip thrusts?

  • Push (heavy): Front leg elevated split squat

  • Push (light): Bulgarian split squat

Thanks for any help offered.

Not sure if you’re ready for this, but my lower back has been thanking me ever since I switched to sumo deadlifts. For squats, you can try Zerchers (or goblets if your forearms can’t take it - I use a harness for Zerchers). Both exercises allow you to stay far more vertical when you drop down.

Thank you. I agree with you but I’m going to stick with single leg stuff a while longer. After testing really light deadlifts yesterday I’m not ready at all yet.

Hip trusts, SLRDL’s, light front squats, hack Squats.

As long as you have no pain.

Definitely give reverse hypers a try for your lower back, i’d do them 3-4 times a week for reps, not heavy.

I’d also work a lot on glute activation (squeezing, band walks) & strength/size (KB swings, hip trusts, lunges with focusing on glutes) so that your back will be better for future.

Also hit your core from every angle.

The most low back friendly lower body exercises I’ve ever come across are:

-Bulgarian Split Squats (use dumbbells)
-Hip Thrusts (careful not to hyperextend at the top)

I’ve never been in a gym with a reverse hyper but they’re supposed to be the bee’s knees.

All good recommendations, thanks guys. Unfortunately I don’t have a GHR station but I can do most of the other suggestions.