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Push Pull or Pull Push for PPL?



Is it most beneficial to run push pull leg og pull push legs?
Also will doing rear and middle delts on leg day effect my push day too much?



[quote=“zarioh, post:1, topic:228200”]
Is it most beneficial to run push pull leg og pull push legs?[/quote]
Doesn’t really matter. If you plan to do deadlifts on pull day, I’d go pull-push-legs.

Since the delts are not a leg muscle, I suggest not training them on leg day.


Thx man, reason for delt(exept front delts) on leg day is because I pref just doing chest+tri on push day and thought of doing push-pull-legs/delts


Give your upper body a break, and do PLP.


Jeez legs get the raw end of the stick lately!

You may as well do traps on leg day too. Hell why not a bit of forearm and grip strength before you even squat. It’s not like your legs have your largest muscle groups and need much attention…


Why not put lateral delts on push day and rear delts on pull day?

So near or at the end of your push, you could do some lateral raises or some light constant tension elbows no lower than parallel to the ground and out seated db presses. Maybe throw in another side shoulder exercise if it’s a priority.

On back day, do some face pulls or rear delt raises.

And band pull aparts most every day in or out of the gym.


I always say pull first. Occasionally you’ll miss a day and unless you choose to just keep following your order you’ll miss a workout. I think chest should always be your last workout of the week. It won’t be a big deal if you miss it and if you like it (like most people) then you’ll be more likely to get it done.

On the other hand if you place legs or even back last in the week then you might be tempted to skip it if you’re worn out from the week. Again, if you do that workout Monday then you’ll be fine but most people like to keep their days specific and just slide right on by that Saturday leg session.


that’s what I do.

I like to go push/off/pull/off/legs/off then repeat


Full body 3 days a week


Will give this a try, thx dude!