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Push/Pull Mass & Conditioning Routine?


Can anyone point me in a direction to a good Push/Pull Routine for mass and conditioning? I am an ectomorph


I’ve never really seen a Push/Pull program I’ve actually liked. The main reason is what to do with legs?
One way is to do Squats and/or Leg Press on push day. Deadlift variation and Leg Curls on pull day. Sounds fine on paper but in reality this may not be practical. Legs can be sore for a few days after doing Squats or Deadlifts so having to do one or the other the following day isn’t really optimal.

A better option is to add a third day. This day would be legs.
A good way of doing it would be Push / Legs / rest / Pull / Push / Rest / Rest / Legs / Pull / rest …and so on.

As for an actual program well I’m not sure this site has those types of things which is kind of odd but you may find plenty in the forums if you do a search.

There is a push /pull program on this site that you will find in the search. Worth a read but it doesn’t look practical to me.

Edit: Check the following link Page 2 for a good example of how to set up Push/Pull/Legs. Use the rest days I gave though as this example has none.
This is possibly the best thread ever written on this website.
Read and learn.


I agree with the above. Google “Shelby Starne’s 3 Way Hypertrophy Split” for a solid push/pull/lower routine. Add whatever you want for conditioning.