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Push, Pull, Legs

hi lads, i wonder your thoughts about push pull n leg.ı have been doing that for 3 months.the results are good.ı m working out 6 days in a week.2push 2pull 2*leg.push and leg days are not problem for me however pull training is too long.ı do 3 chest exercise 2 shoulder and 2 triceps.ı want to train every muscle group twice a week.any suggestion for this workout program?every advice would be appreciated.thanks

For pull training?

yes for pull training

That is your issue; those muscle groups should be on push days. Pull would traditionally be back, biceps and rear delts.

CT has a program on his ThibArmy site called 'Optimal Strength Training for the Natural Athlete". It’s a good one and workouts can be done fairly quick.

my bad.ı m asking for push

What are your exercises on push day and how many sets of each? Rep ranges? Rest periods?

rest periods are between 45 seconds and a minute.3sets of incline barbell press,4 sets of bench press and weighted dips.for shoulders,4 sets ofdumbell press and 5 sets of lateral raise.for triceps 3 sets of lying extensions and 3 sets pushdown.i mean i can change my plan but ı want to run every muscle group twice per a week.

You are doing too much work. You are doing a push session 2x a week no need for so many exercises/sets in one day. You can try something like.

Push 1:
Incline DB 3 sets
Flat DB 3 sets
Laterals 4 sets
Push downs 3 sets

Push 2:
Overhead Press 3 sets
Laterals 3 sets
Bench 4 sets
Extensions 3 sets

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Yeah it looks like your aiming for fairly high volume frequently. How long have you been doing this and is it working?

I would not train 6 days a week with that level of volume. If I had the luxury of 6 days a week I would do full split, chest, shoulder, back, legs, arms and use the 6th day to do abs and what ever I felt needed brining up.

I think having 2 push days is a great option, one focused more on shoulder and the other on chest.

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I strongly recommend that plan.actually it is a bit harder but I can say it works.and thanks for your ideas guys.i m going to change my push workout.