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Hi, I want to ask you about this push/pull/legs routine. Is it good for fat loss?
Mon Push
Chest barbell press (incline, flat, decline)
Seated dumbell overhead press
3-4 exercise for chest, delts, tric (pump work)

Tue Pull
Chest supported row
3-4 exercise for back, biceps (pump work)

Wed Legs
Bulgarian split squat
3-4 exercise for legs (pump work)

Thu Push
Barbell OH press (millitary or push press)
Dumbell chest press (inline, flat, decline)
3-4 exercise for chest, delts, tric (pump work)

Fri Pull
Chin ups
Stiff leg deadlift/Snatch grip deadlift
3-4 exercise for back, biceps (pump work)

Sat Legs
Front squat
3-4 exercise for legs (pump work)


  1. First exercise heavy - ramp to 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 RM, 90% or 95% for max reps, 5x1 90% of 1RM etc
  2. Second exercise something like 4x6, 3x8 at 75-85% of 1RM etc.

My goal is to lose 4-5 kg in next two months without losing strength
Something about me:
23 years old
178 cm
92 kg
BF about 18-20 % (but im not sure)
For last 3 months my main goal was strength. I did 2x Candito 6 week strength program.
My PRs:
Squat 145x5
Deadlift 162,5x4
Bench 115x3
Millitary press 60x6
Push Press 95x1
Chin ups BWx12

I really hate eating less and doing cardio, that;s why I think about 6 workouts/week.
My diet looks like:
1 meal: 80g oats 4 eggs 10-15g whey 1 banana
Rest day I eat lean meat and vegetables, sometimes adding some nuts.
I have never count calories.

What you think about my game plan?

I know that my English isn’t very good, but I hope you will understand me.
Thanks for any help.

could you go into more detail about your diet please?

OK, so for the last few days my diet looked like:
1 meal as I said
2 - 5 meal 200g chicken or lean pork + can corn or can peas or can bean or tomatoes or cucumber + 30-40g ketchup + 20-30g cheese

During workout, I drink ~20g carbs.

We need a full breakdown of your diet if fat loss is your goal since your diet is the most crucial part of that process.

Give us an example of what you’re currently eating on a daily basis or plan to eat in order for us to guide you in the right direction.

For a long time (about 2 years) my diet was:
1: 80g oats 4 eggs 10-15g whey 1 banana
2-5: 125g chicken breast + 100g white rice + some vegetables
6: 250g cottage cheese
3 months ago, I read an article (not T=nation’s article) about diet for endomorph. There was written that endomorph should eat as less carbs as possible and because of that I changed my diet.

If you could give me an example of daily diet, I would be very thankful.

Holy crap. Why is the answer so hard.

Exactly, what did you eat today. Do not tell us what you think we want to hear.

Just the foods you actually ate today. With the time you actually ate.


So yesterday I ate:
9:00 80g oats 4 eggs 15g whey 1 banana 1 cup of coffee (no sugar)
10:30-12:00 workout ~20g of carbs
12:45 4 eggs 100g sausage 100g tomatoes
15:00 1 cup of coffee (no sugar)
16:00 200g lean pork 70g can corn 30g ketchup 20g cheese
16:20 ~200g ice cream
19:00 200g lean pork 70g can corn 30g ketchup 20g cheese
21:30 200g lean pork 70g can corn 30g ketchup 20g cheese

Ice cream probably isn’t the best choice for a fat loss diet. Your other food choices seem fine, mostly. The ketchup may or may not be a good choice, depending on what kind of ketchup it is. I make my own, and it’s a much different product from what most people buy in stores.

Is this fairly typical for what you eat? How often do you cheat on your diet currently?

I disagree. Ketchup, can corn, ice cream, sausage.

For someone looking to loose weight, not the best approach. Can anything is never a good approach.

Keep the meat, add a good salad or steamed vegetables (fresh or frozen). Second meal, I would keep the eggs and add a yam, potato or rice and veggies.

Peri workout would also be be beneficial. Yes, plazma or the less expensive options.

Good luck