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Push, Pull, Legs?


I've been doing this routine for about a month now

What I've been doing is basically 3 days a week, where one day is an upper push (chest, shoulders and triceps) another is upper pull (back, biceps) and the last is a leg day, all with a day off in between.

Does anyone else train like this or have any thoughts on this approach?


You just linked a website that appears to have many different routines on it. Rather than expecting someone to find the .pdf you are talking about, I suggest that you do the legwork and explain what you are doing.

Also, what is your goal?


Sorry, what led me to this is that I was doing full body routines (like stronglifts) for a long time and found myself getting too strong on all the lifts to do them on one day and was finding it really hard to make progress with my bench after squatting. So, for getting stronger I’ve tried this:

Monday: Push
Bench 6x3
OHP 5x5
Dips 4x12
Barbell Triceps Extensions 3x15

Wed: Pull
Rack Pulls 4x8
Kroc Rows 4x12
Hammer Strength Pulldowns 3x10
Hammer Strength Preacher Curls 5x10

Friday: Legs
Squat 5x5
Hammer Strength V-Squat 4x12
Leg Extensions 3x12
Leg Curls 3x12
Calf Raises 4x15


I do nearly that exact workout, it works well for me. If I find my upper body getting a bit too beat up sometimes I’ll switch it to push/legs/pull/off. It’s a bit easier on the shoulders.

Edit: My bad, didn’t see your taking a day off in-between each workout. Throw a loaded carry in there on each day you workout ala Dan John and you’ve got yourself a great program.