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Push/Pull/Legs with Best Damn Principles

Hey Christian,
I am currently doing your best damn program and I really like it. Lately I’ve been feeling like doing a little more volume for each muscle group per workout so I was thinking about adapting the training principles of the best damn program ie. rest pause, Mtor, and drop sets and putting them in a push/pull legs split. I was thinking of doing two compound movements and two isolation movements then maybe one or two arm excersizes for the push and pull days. Just looking for some help putting this all together. Thx for all your help. If anyone else had any ideas that would be much appreciated as well. Thx guys

I’m thinking two compounds plus isolations is too much volume. BDW is founded on low volume and high(er) frequency. You’re doing higher volume and lower frequency.

Higher volume and lower frequency than best damn but not as high volume and low frequency as your typical body parts split. Just to be clear I was thinking two compound and two isolation for the whole workout not for each muscle group. Example for push day would be bench press, dumbbell shoulder press, chest flys, lateral raises then one tricep exersice. Just looking for some help to program the different types of sets (rest pause, drop and Mtor)

I’m running a split like this right now. There’s 9 push, 9 pull, and 6 leg movements each week. Just divide them up across 6 days. I pushed the myo reps for biceps and shoulders onto the following training day.

You can even move the arm work onto your leg days. since leg days are usually a bore (with no upper body pump).

Chest (bench)
Shoulder (OHP)

Weighted Chin
Chest supported row
On arm db row

Arms (2 exercise bicep & tricep, MTOR or whatever style)

Have to figure out the set/style a bit for each exercise. But that is 6 compound lifts a week. Lots of compounds. But do-able (after all Thib army’s GVT revised shows a similar push/pull/legs for 2a & 2bs, all with major movements)

Thank you. Yea, I’m pretty sure I’m a 2b. Probably why I want a little more volume. A little more pump