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Push/Pull Legs = Too Much?


Ok, i've never done any king of split routine and i want to give it a shot. I've been performing full body routine for about 2 years now. I don't know if it will be too much. I will alternate these 3 days four times a week on monday/tuesday/thursday/friday giving me 4-5 days between each day.

a-chin-ups 5x3
b-bb rows 4x6
c-pulldowns 3x8
d-alt. curls 2x10

a-push presses 5x3
b-dips 4x6
c-incline db presses 3x8
d-skullcrushers 2x10

a-back squats 5x3
b-bulgarian split squats 4x6
c-romanian dl 3x8
d-calf work (mostly drop sets)

Any input will be appreciated.


Try splitting your upper body training into two seperate days, one being vertical and the other being horizontal push and pull. Also use two seperate days for legs. one being quad dominant day, the other being hip dominant day.

This is what has always worked well for me.


I couldnt imagine this being to much. Give it a try and see how it goes, push/pull/legs is a classic split


HEY! Why don't you add a front squat to your push day and romanian deadlift to your pull day! That way you can alternate between 1 day a week and 2 days a week for upper and lower body!

I don't understand why people are making a "leg" day in this split (maybe I didn't read that article =D). I found the results on the following split to be very good (I added 20-25lbs on all lifts):

Week 1
Front Squat
Bench Press
Military Press

Barbell Row
Romanian Deadlift
Chin-up or Pull-up
Static Abdominal Exercise
-ex. "Suicides"; Partial Decline Crunch; Partial Machine Crunch

Front Squat
Bench Press
Military Press

I'm not going to bother to list the set/rep scheme, but I will say I took very long rest periods, around 5 minutes, and I followed this split for 4 weeks.

The reason why I chose striclty static moves for the mid-section, during this "block", is primarily because I found it most effective for strength gains and stability. The rectus abdominis is slow-twitch, so put that puppy under a lot of time under tension and the results are great, at least in my case they are.


"Classic split", I guess I haven't been in the "trenches" long enough. Like I said in my earlier post, I find adding quads (push day) and hams/glutes (pull day) in on both days works well also.


That's exactly what I do regarding the whole horizontal/vertical thing, seems to work pretty well. In addition, I found it helpful to have two cycles with different rep ranges/exercises and alternate back and forth as a simple form of periodization.