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Push/Pull/Legs the Ultimate Split Article vs "Don't Train 6x Per Week"?

I am a big fan of yours and I loved the Push/Pull/Split article you authored. In that article you talk about training body parts 2x per week and up to 6x per week total training sessions to improve body composition. I also follow you on Instagram and read that you (appear) to no longer recommend 6x per week, specifically that nobody should do it.

Here is the quote I read yesterday:
First off, you can legit build all the muscle you’re ever going to build, training 3-4 days a week. As I’ve covered before, there’s nothing magical about hitting a muscle twice a week, and there’s certainly no one out there that really needs to be training 6 days a week.

Did you find a study that changed your mind or is it based on personal anecdotal evidence? The article seemed to make a lot of sense, but now I am rethinking it based on the above.

I’m not Paul Carter, but my interpretation was that what he wrote in the PPS article doesn’t contradict that IG quote.

He even wrote in the article that to build muscle, 4 times a week is money and you don’t need to train more than that (praphrasing here).

I think you’re confusing things, the 6x /week is when you want to speed up the loss of body fat. Not gaining muscle.

Like I said, that’s how I read it.

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I guess every body reacts differently to practice. Many coaches argue that the natural training needs to train their muscles more times during the week. I, for example, have trained muscle one time during the week with more volume and I have had more success compared to less volume and greater frequency.
And I have not been an absolute beginner to say that beginners always have success. I have also noticed that I have more success with the volume being made with heavier and more sets. For example, it works better 10x3 compared to 3x10 in the same total volume.
Obviously not every person reacts to the generally accepted principles that are preached constantly.
I mean, when the primary goal is hypertrophy. But when you train with heavier, the challenge for the body is greater. As one person who gave me advice on training: the only way a natural training person to make muscles is to constantly strive to increase strength. And I agree with that. I’m talking about cases where the aspiration is to build true miofibrilna hypertrophy, not just a pump. It is not disputed that the two types of hypertrophy are related, but it is important which of the two is leading.

Whatever coaches argue that don’t have science on their side. In terms of hitting a muscle more often. There’s nothing magical about hitting it twice a week or three times a week, and Thibs is just wrong on this no matter how “right” he thinks he is.

Not to mention that there’s virtually no one that can train all out 6 days a week and recover. When I advocate for training 6 days a week it’s to speed up body recomp because there’s just so much extra work being done, but the volume is very low. However the reason for this is because for a lot of guys they don’t want to do hours of mindless cardio (myself included) so lifting more often is just a way to burn more calories.