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Push-Pull-Legs Super Sets

It seems lately, everyone seems to love the legendary push, pull, legs split. My question is: does anyone perform super sets or alternating sets with this routine or do you just do straight sets?

Example: a set of benches alternating with a set of say triceps push downs, or a set of chins alternated with a set of curls, etc… For months, I’ve used antogonistic pairings which obviously work well with alternating sets, but since I’ve moved to the push-pull-legs split I find my tri’s are fried after a set of benches.

I am sure you could. I am starting this next week :

Day1 - Push
Day2 - Legs
Day3 - Pull
Day4 - Off
Day5 - rotate Push & Pull each week.
Day6 - Legs
Day7 - Off

The reason why I am doing legs twice a week is because it is my weakest muscle group, like most guys. I might incorporate FST-7 at the end of each workout.