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Push/Pull/Legs Split

Hey everyone So I’m about 4 weeks into my first cycle and I’m still using the same “Bro split” I used when I was natural but the amount of sets have gone up steadily and so has the amount of weight which I love but I’m speinding 2hours in the Gym and I feel like I’m still leaving a lot out there. I’ve been thinking about going to a push pull legs split. I usually build all my workouts around a big compound lift and then add more isolation exercises in. I know everyone is different but am I going to be missing out on a lot of development by doing heavy chest presses and heavy overhead presses in the same workout. Is one out going to suffer a lot or will the gear optimize both lifts. I know natural I would usually only be able to get one heavy big compound lift in and would have to go light on the second. Hopefully I’m explaining it clearly I’m just looking for advice I know it’s all trial and error but some insight into what you guys do would be great
I’m planning
Push-chest dominate
Legs and deadlifts
Push -shoulder tricep dominate
Legs and deadlifts

Read Paul Carter’s article on PPL and you will know how to set up your split. On a side note I would rethink any further cycles until you have more experience regarding training plans…

I’ve read countless books and articles and have been lifting for 20 years I was a minor league hockey player so I’ve had strength and conditioning coaches my entire life so I have a huge background. I was blessed with great genetics could always handle a lot of volume so I never even thought about running gear until now, I’m 36 and retired and in school. My question was about splits specifically for people with tons of volume already before I would be limited by my recovery rate so the split was almost built around that. My recovery time is now half of what it was so I can work the same body part every other day. When before it would be every 5 days. So with the shortened recovery time I’ve thought about switching to push pull legs or upper lower to hit each part with a higher frequency…it’s just in doing so I would be at the gym for 3 hours each time trying to do a full upper body. Does that make sense?

Oh and I thought it went without saying that if someone was in here and using steroids they have probably been lifting for 10-20 years already.

Try one of these both tough but very effective…

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If you’re on gear then I’d assume you spend time in the Pharma section. That time should reveal that there are lots of people using who only have 1-5 years of gym experience (and that’s spotty at best).

In regards to your split - everything written for naturals keeps saying people on gear can get away with bro splits because they’re body is anabolic all week. That means you don’t have to worry about stimulating protein synthesis as much as the rest of us (more time between sessions).

I think you’ll be fine with a PPL and I like the idea of a horizontal and vertical emphasis for both pushing and pulling days.

I’m natural and fully expect results from my split:


Check out this article if you’re doubting yourself.

The key to your success is effort. Your recovery is supranatural right now. Regardless of what you do, make sure you go all out.

Hey man thank you very much for the thoughtful well rotten reply I’m going to read the article now. I really appreciate Your time

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I didn’t mean to offend. Sounds like you’ve got things figured out.

No worries bro you didn’t offend me and the more and more read there are tons of people on here who have no experience and who started running Gear after just 6 months of lifting like it’s some panacea. I agree with you everyone e should educate themselves as much as possible and max their gains out naturally before even thinking about running a cycle. I can definitely see how my post cam off a little like just another one of those but I do appreciate you saying something nine the less.
Cheers bud

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