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Push/Pull/Legs Routine?

Is there anywhere you can go and get a routine made for you for your specific goals? Don’t mind paying obviously.

I want a new workout routine and I’d really like to try a PPL style workout. Every one I have found so far either has too much stuff that I don’t have access too, or leaves out lots of my favorite lifts.

Trying to find something that is balanced, incorporates lifts I enjoy, and will help me grow.

I’d try to get in touch with Paul Carter!


I will try that! Thanks

If you want advices, Spill the beans!

What lifts do you think are the coolest? (Don’t say any kind of zercher lift)

What equipment do have have around? ( Don’t say only bands)

I agree with Christos, check out some info from Carter.

I have that article pulled up on my open tabs now. And a couple other T nation articles on PPL splits.

I want to include:
squats, front and/or back.
Bent over BB rows
Standing strict OHP

Seems deadlifts is the one I never see and don’t really know where to put it.

What I want:

Something balanced. Something that has a decent amount of volume. I enjoy spending a good bit of time in the gym.

My goal:

I want to be big. Physique competitor body is what I’d love to have.

My equipment:

Squat rack
Incline bench
Lat pull down system
Leg extension machine (not able to lie down for hams)
Ez curl bar
Trap bar
~500# of weight
Spin bike
Rowing machine
TRX straps
Battle ropes
A couple set of dumbbells (still slowly growing this)
1 band i use for shoulder warm ups lol
Box for box jumps (I think 18”?)

Probably a few other random things.

I’m not supposed to buying more equipment, but the more expensive the longer it’ll take me to get it.

Why the PPL split appeals to me:

I like the idea of attacking a certain group of muscles very hard and having the time to let them recover while still being in the gym. That’s why I’m worried about making a balanced workout, I don’t want to be doing pull exercises on push day. I know it sounds simple and maybe it is, but I have a hard time figuring it all out and putting something together.

Sorry for my tone, I thought at first you were a more confused young dude.

I’ve been doing push/pull/legs for the past few months.

To keep balance I go Push/Pull/Legs, but I rotate between 2 push days.

Vertical Push day where I do overhead (dumbbell) press and shoulder/chest/tricep assistance moves.

Horizontal Push day where I do (close grip or dumbbell) Bench Press then tricep/shoulder/chest assistance.

Pull Day is a row, a pull down and a shrug. Then some (not too many) chin ups.

My leg day is all asistance stuff. But if I wanted to go more hardcore, I personally would alternate squats and deads on leg day. Then maybe a squat variation (front squat, box squat) after deadlifts. And a deadlift variation (stiff leg, deficit deads) after squats. Then some assistance stuff.

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The shield portion of his (@Paul_Carter) Super Soldier Protocol is push/pull/legs. I’d grab his ebook if you can (the second phase is upper/lower/upper, lower, upper, lower repeat)

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