Push/Pull/Legs Routine

I’m looking to get into one of these splits. Any suggestions? Thanks.

“do this routine instead of that dumb one”

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This one?

*1 set to failure for each exercise except where otherwise noted
*rest 90-120 secs between ramp sets and up to 3 mins before final set to failure
*should be able to finish these workouts in an hour or less
Monday - Chest/Shoulders/Tri’s

Lo Incline Dumbbell Press- 3x4-8
Decline Barbell Press- 2x6-10
Seated overhead Barbell press- 3x6-10
Cable Lateral raises- 3x6-10
Shrugs- 3x6-10
Lying Behind the head extensions- 3x6-10
1 arm overhead extensions- 2x6-10

Tuesday - Back/Bi’s/Calves

Weighted Pull ups- 3x4-6
Seated straight bar Rows- 3x8-10
Pinwheel Curls- 3x4-8
Incline curls- 3x4-8
Standing Calf Raises- 3x4-8 (2)
Leg Press Calf Raises- 2x12-15

Wednesday - Legs/Abs

Seated Leg Curls- 3x6-10
RDL’s- 3x6-10
Leg Press- 3x6-10
Front Squats- 3x4-8
Weighted crunches- 3x12-15
Weighted planks- 3x30secs (weight on lowerback/glutes)

Thursday - Chest/Shoulders/Tri’s

Flat Dumbbell Press- 3x4-8
Incline Barbell Press- 2x6-10
Seated Overhead dumbbell Press- 3x6-10
Dumbbell lateral raises- 3x6-10
Machine Dips- 3x6-10
French Press (can you tell I love these?)- 2x6-10

Friday - Back/Bi’s/Calves

Barbell Rows- 3x6-10
Straight bar Pulldowns (shoulder with grip)- 3x6-10
Alt Dumbbell Curls- 3x6-10
Reverse Preacher curls- 2x6-10
Seated Calf Raises-5x6-12 (3)

Saturday - Legs/Abs

Lying Leg curls- 3x4-8
Single Leg curls- 2x6-10
Squats- 3x6-10
Hack Squats (close stance)- 3x6-10
Cable Rope crunches- 3x12-15
Weighted leg raises- 2x12-15