Push/Pull/Legs or Upper/Lower Split From Neurological Recovery Standpoint

Hope your doing Great Coach Thibs,

Had a Question Regarding these two splits from a Neurological Recovery Standpoint which are more demanding and needs time to recover from more regarding my Neurotype I am a 2B confident which like you said to me before that I fall in the middle between the 2B & 3 i can be drone to the upper lower split also

what do you think Also about Band Resistance Training for My Neurotype when I use it and mix some free weights with it i feel it mitigate the Anxiety & Cortisol Response since its all about muscle Contraction and high Lactate with lower Neurological Demand since I am stuck at home from Covid and don’t have a Gym to go to can that yield to good Results

and to me Glycine+Mag Taurate are life savers post workout

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I don’t love the push/pull/legs split as it only hit each muscle once a week.

What I personally do is:

Monday: Push + quads
Wednesday: Pull + post.chain
Friday: Push + quads
Saturday: Pull + post.chain

Which is a push/pull split


coach you prefer this over the 6x push/pull/legs (2x a week) ?

or 6x push/pull (3x a week)? Seems like the 4x push/pull most sustainable (recovery/stimulation)

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6x of anything is only sustainable and effective if the volume is VERY low. Not saying that you can’t do it, bit you won’t progress optimally from it. Unless someone is a recovery freak with not other stressors in his life, or someone who is on drugs.

The VAST majority of people who do not use a minimalist volume approach should train 4 days a week. 3 being better than 5.

And it is pretty well accepted that hitting a muscle twice per week, even if the total volume is the same, is more effective than hitting it once. which makes a traditional push/pull/leg split sub-optimal.

What you could do to make it work is something like this:

DAY 1 - MONDAY- Whole body (3-4 compound movements)
DAY 3.- FRIDAY - Legs
DAY 4 - SATURDAY - Pull (more “bodybuilding” stuff)


I know this is a very simplistic view, but isn’t the best type of split, the one that motivates you the most, to maintain consistency? As a Type 1B, I find spreading the workload over 5 or 6 days with the Push/Pull/Leg split, helps keep me motivated, as I can’t handle a lot of volume in one session.

Sure, it goes back to what I wrote earlier: you CAN train 5-6 days a week, provided that the volume is very low.

Thank you Coach Thibs for the feedback much appreciated