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Push/Pull/Legs or SS

What do you think is better a typical Push Pull Legs done 2x a week like so:

Monday: Push
Tuesday: Pull
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Push
Friday: Pull
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: Rest

or a strength routine consisting of two workouts one A and one B repeated one after the other:
Monday: A
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: B
Thursday: Rest
Friday: A
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Rest
Monday: B
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: A

Just curious

edit: for an overweight beginner.

You got plenty of good advice just one month ago.

Did you even bother to take any of the advice?
Did you try the program I gave you?
Did you bother to read any of the articles?

You got some great advice in your other topic that Angus1 posted. Follow it.

I’m currently following Starting Strength this was just a question stemming from a discussion me and a friend of mine had where he said I’d be better of doing PPL twice a week, just wanted to see what you guys think, regardless I’m sticking with SS but was just looking to get some opinions.