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Push/Pull/Legs. How Does This Look?


Hey everyone ... took this week off went camping on mon,tues,wed..fun stuff but diet sucked haha...looking to start this program on monday .. some background info i've been training for 2.5 years 5'9 205lbs. not sure of bf %..my diet is in check but ive been having trouble finding good routines ..i'm bored of the traditional splits training a bodypart every 6 days or whatever... im looking to focus on back width/thickness and upper pecs ...well anyway here is the program sorry for the long post

Push A/B
Incline DB/Flat DB
Arnold Press/BB or DB shoulder press
CGBP/Weighted DIps
Lateral Raises/Rear Delt exercise
Incline Fly/Incline Fly

Pull A/B
Weighted Chins/Widegrip Pullups
BB Row/DB Row
Lat Pulls/CG Pull Downs
Seated Cable Rows/T-bar rows
BB Curl/Incline Curl

Legs A/B
SLDL/Front Squat (light)
Leg Curls/Lunges
Calf Raises/Donkey Calf Raises

Day 1:push A
Day 2:pull A
Day 3: OFF
Day 4:Legs A
Day 5:OFF
Day 6:push B
Day 7:pull B
Day 8:OFF
Day 9:Legs B
Day 10: OFF
Day 11: repeat cycle


Looks pretty solid. The only thing I have to add is maybe sub the DB Bench for Incline BB Bench. That way you get more upper chest work. What rep ranges are you using?


Looks alright, I personally would place legs before either my push or pull days. It triggers GH and test!


lol wut???

the amounts of test/gh triggered are negligible.

at the end of the day, it doesn't matter which day comes first or last. in fact, his set-up makes sense, because if you're doing all leg work in one day, you want to rest the days before& after.


Eh, Personally I'd set it up like this: push-legs-pull. I don't believe punishing your upper body in consequent days is a good way to go. Neither I like the idea placing pull before legs, as your back muscles play a large role while squatting or deadlifting. öööö.. :S