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Push/Pull/Legs for Beginners, Rate It

Hey, I’ve been working on this PPL program for myself, its based around the exercises I believe gets me the best results, I want opinions and productive criticizm on it.

First of all, the progression method, mainly the progression method I use for this is a mix between classic beginner linear and the repetition method, you start with 85% of your 1RM for Bench and OHP, 80% of your 1RM for your bent over rows and with 90% of your 1RM for your lower body compounds (dl’s and squats).
You will start with the low end of the number of indicated repetitions (3 for bench for example) and keep it like that for the indicated ammount of sets. You should complete the high end of repetitions (4 sets of 5 for the bench) on the next workout, as the program progresses it will get harder and it will take progressively more time to get all your reps, if you need more than 4 workouts to complete all the reps it might be time to graduate to an intermediate programme like 5/3/1 or texas method.

How much weight to add?
You should be adding 5 kg to your compound lifts once you reach the high end of reps, you can add 10 kg to the deadlift and 7.5 to the squat if you feel confortable with it and you want to, if you stall back off to 5 kg. The same goes for the rest of the compounds, if you stall you can start adding 2.5 kg every time you progress although this is not fully recommended.

Progression on accesorie lifts:
Start with a weight you can use to reach the low end of reps, once you reach the high end, put more weight on the bar, this is not as important as the main lifts but its still needed, I prefer to leave the ammount of weight up to the trainee, but if dumbells, get the next set of them that is avilable on your gym, and if its a barbell exercise add 2.5-5 kg to it, if you use cables you can choose, the systems are usually really different.

The program:

Bench press 4x3-5
Standing OHP 3x3-5
Incline barbell bench: 3x6-10
Side Lateral Raises 5x10-15
Tricep OH extension (DB) 3x8-12
Cable Pushdown 3x8-12

Deadlift (once per week) 2x3-6
Bent Over Rows 4x4-6
T-bar rows 3x10-15
Chin ups 4x6-10
Dumbbell rows 3x8-12
Face pull 3x10-15

Squat 4x3-5
Front Squat 3x8-12
RDL’S 3x6-10
Hamstring curl 3x10-15
Leg press 3x15-20


What happened to doing 5/3/1 like you said you would/ people suggested and you agreed to?


Why two tricep movements & no bicep movements? + Is this a 3 on 1 off routine or just everything once a week routine?

I would suggest you not design your own program at this point until you have a Better grasp of certain concepts…
Case in point

On this day you have basically 3 variations of a basic horizontal row. PICK ONE and work the hell of it no need of 3 variations of basically the same movement in the same session.

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My $.02

Lower back = killed

Honestly I never bent over row after deadlifts. It’s brutal. T bar is the same. You’ll injure yourself.
But take everyone’s advice and use a provided work out.
Good luck.

Like everyone else said, run one of the thousand programs on this site. You are bound to find one for your goals. I recommend one of Thibs or one of the 5/3/1 programs. Also, glad you arent asking whether you should bulk or cut for once.

I always wonder how a beginner would come to the belief that they know ‘what works best for them’.


Hell…at times I am not even sure what the hell works best for myself !!!

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This routine might be good for me. I will follow this.

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If you’ve read this whole thread properly, then you should know this is a silly decision. Read what I’ve quoted below and i hope you see why.

Do this instead:

OK I will try to follow this way guys…I already start it though… :slight_smile:

How did you do?