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Push/Pull/Legs Effective?


Is this type of routine effective to, say, get core lifts up and pack on mass? I know more frequency is always advocated, but for the working man it is hard sometimes to put together a stable routine. If all lifts are intensely (not to failure) once a week could this work? For example:

Day 1
Front Squat

Day 2 off

Day 3
BB Bench
OH Press

Day 3 off

Day 5
Power Clean

Day 6 & 7 off


I would do one of each (legs, push, pull) each day and vary the rep ranges ... something like this maybe:

M: 5x5

W: 3x10
front squat
OH Press

F: 5x5
power clean

M: 3x10
W: 5x5
F: 3x10

or set up a core lift for the day for 5x5 or 10x3 or whatever and do EDT with the other two lifts.

the possibilities are endless.


To add to this, kind of along the vein of what JOG said, here's what I'm doing right now:

Push Emphasis:
Heavy Bench (something like a 3x3)
Heavy Squat (3x3, etc)
Horizontal Row (higher reps, 3x12ish)
Farmers Walks

Pull Emphasis
Heavy Pull-Ups (like a 3x5)
Heavy Deadlifts (3x3ish)
Dumbell Bench (3x10ish)
Single-Leg Squats (3x10ish)

So basically I group a heavy push and light pull together and vice versa.


ive been doing push/pull/legs since the spring. I love it. Jog is on the money, the possibilities are endless. Its a great split for alot of reasons, the best one for me if I can only train 3x that week I still feel like everything gets hit. I definitley felt better in terms of recovery as well, because of the overall decrease in volume. Base each day around a heavy 5x5 compound lift, and you'll never look back. For example on a push day, one push ill do 5x5 with close grip bench, next push will be 5x5 with oh press, then 5x5 decline...so chest/shoulders/tris always get their turn to be punished.