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Push/Pull/Legs Anyone?!?!


Looking for help with this push/pull/legs split that is four days a week and if anyone has tried this method with success or negative things?? im bored of the usual bodypart splits ie chest/bi cheste tri blah blah ... my goal is to gain mass becasue i will be coming off madcows 5x5 which i love but want something more for bodybuilding.sorry for the long post
routine/rotation is as follows:

Push A:
Flat BB/DB Bench Press (rotate every two weeks opposite from incline) 3x6-8
Incline Fly 3x8-10
DB Shoulder Press 3x8-10
Dips (weighted) 3x8
Tricep Extensions 3x10

Pull A:
Pullups 3x8-10
DL 4x5 (ramped)
DB Row 3x6-8
Lat Pull Downs 3x10
BB Curls 3x8

Push B
Incline BB/DB Press (same as flat bench) 3x6-8
Flat DB Pullovers 3x8-10
Military Press 4x5 (ramped)or 4x6-8
CGBP 4x6-8

Pull B
Pullups (weighted) 3x5
BB Rows 4x5-8
Close Grip Pulldowns 3x8-10
Face Pulls superset with lateral raises 3x10
Incline DB Curls 3x10

Legs A
Squats 5x5
SLDL 4x8-10
Lunges 1x Long ass hallway at my gym ouch
Calves 2x15

Legs B
Front Squat 4x5-8
Leg Press 3x8
Leg Curls 3x10
calves 2x15

Mon-Pull A
Tuesday-push A
thursday- legs A
friday-pull B
sat&sun - off

Mon-Push B
tues-pull A
thurs-legs B
fri-push A


looked over the routine err too much volume revised it to look like this ..abs will be worked depending on day 2x a week

Push A
flat bb/bb 3x6-8
incline fly 3x8-10
db shoulder press 4x6-10
dips 3x8,1xbodyweight until failure

pull A
Pull ups 3x8-10
DL 4x5 (ramped)
DB Row 3x6-8
BB Curls 3x8-10

Legs A
Squat 5x5
SLDL 4x8-10
Lunges 1xhallway
Calves 2x15

push B
incline bb/db press 3x6-8
flat db pullovers 3x8-10
military press 4x5(ramped)
cgbp 4x6-10

pull B
bb rows 4x5-8
lat pulldowns 3x8-10
face pulls superset with lateral raises 3x10
incline db curls

legs B
front squat 4x5-8
Leg Press 3x6-8
Leg Curls 3x10
calves 2x15


Why have you got pull/push/legs, followed with pull/push/pull?

Wouldn't it make sense to just rotate through 4 days per week or do you have well developed legs and wish to focus on upper body??


ya i messed up when i wrote the rotation

pull a
push a
pull b

push b
pull a
push a

pull b
push b
legs so on adn so forth


do you guys think it owuld be better to have a rotation like push a / push b or stick with something like this?

monday: pull dominant
Dead lift
Wide grip chins
Barbell row
close grip pull downs or lat pulls
face pulls

wed: push dominant
bench press
incline dumbell press
incline flye
db or bb military press
lateral raise

fri: lower body
Stiff leg dead lift
walking lunges
leg curl

Saturday is arms
bb curls
dips (weighted)
incline curl
tricep extensions/rotate with cgbp


2 cents:

A few months ago I did something similar:

Monday: Upper Push
Tuesday: Upper Pull
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: off
Friday: Total Upper Body
Saturday: Legs
Sunday: off

You could just do

Day 1: Upper Push
Day 2: Upper Pull
Day 3: Legs
Day 4: Off

Then just repeat that 4 day schedule regardless of what day of the week it is. Your week doesn't always have to start on Monday and programs don't always have to be confined within a 7 day week. You could even have an A/B so like this:

Day 1: Upper Push A
Day 2: Upper Pull A
Day 3: Legs A
Day 4: Off
Day 5: Upper Push B
Day 6: Upper Pull B
Day 7: Legs B
Day 8: Off

Repeat 8 day cycle.

4-6 exercises, 3-4 sets of 8-10 with upper. 3-5 exercises, 3-4 sets of 8-10 with lower. One warmup, 1-2 work sets, one heavy set at the end (as in add 20-40lbs and go for reps to failure)

Just some ideas.


Switch legs with Push.

EXAMPLE- Pull A Legs A Push A
OFF Pull B Legs B

just my two cents, give your upper body a break


only problem dixies is that i have deadlifts on my pull day ... if i put legs after it will screw me up lol ...do you think it would be better to have deadlifts on a leg day??


How about



I did a 6 day push/pull/legs (well, actually it was more like chest-shoulder-tri, legs & traps, lats-bis but who cares) split that worked marvelously well while dieting.

My advice is to find some exercises you are only semi-familiar with, but comfortable with performing and that allow you to use a fuckload of weight in a progressive fashion (4-8 reps, with 6 being a sweet spot) and stay on it for about 12 weeks. Focus on adding some serious weight to the bar over time, whether bulking or cutting. Favorites include;

Low bar squats (with or without a box)
Snatch grip deads from a platform (get LOW for these)
Front squats (buy a harness if you can)
Hip belt squats (awkward to set up but worth it)

Hawaiian shrugs
Hise shrugs
Rack pulls

T-bar rows
Wide pullups w/ suicide grip

Low pin press (pins in the rack just off the chest; my new favorite exercise for overall size and strength. Medium grip, touch at the nipple line and really grind 'em out. Put 20 pounds on my bench in a month with these. I recommend wraps)
Incline DB press

High incline press (seated, done in a Smith or a rack. Bar at the chin and puuuush. Blasts the front delts)
Seated DB press (the king of shoulder exercises, imo)

Close grip bench
Overhead DB extension

EZ bar curl
Alternate DB curl

Whatever you want for forearms, calves and abs.


hmm...you could do rack deadlifts (not all the way from the floor, just the upper half of the motion using the back)