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Push, Pull, Legs 6 Day Split


Like the rooster could be gender fluid?


Either you meatballs having something meaningful to say?


So, hypersensitive nitwit it is. Thanks for clarifying.

Noticed you skipped over the weight and bodyfat question. I’mma guess you went ahead and yo-yo’d back up to 270+ and 30%. I get the impression that’s something you’d do. Good luck with however it turns out.


It’s just a stupid thing we’re dealing with in the US right now.


I was thinking soy-boy, given the nature of the discussion.


Soy boy? Like that Soylo t-shirt parody of the Solo movie? LMAO


Haha nah, just another dumb thing related to the beta cuck comment.


Just a fyi I’m in one of those moods now


So I looked up the word “cuck”. I believe it means a girly man since I don’t think people using the term are literally insinuating that the person they’re using it on is being cheated on by his wife.

We used to just say “fag”. So you guys don’t even have the balls to say fag anymore and have to use a new made up term because you’re afraid of the PC police? Goddam, you’re a bunch of cucks.


That pretty much nails it.


In all seriousness, why don’t you just program your template like this:

That Paul Carter fella seems to know a thing or two.


Well, fat is very pro-estrogenic, so now given those stats everything makes perfect sense


Short for cuckold

EDIT: oops, late to the party, @dt79 nailed it


Nailed it… Besides I like @samul hes got passion for this shit and his attitude reminds me of myself at his age.


Nothing says reddit lifter like dropping the beta cuck bomb. And having a bodyweight dead lift.


No just a question…

Beta ?


My nerd ass initially read this as “greater druid” and it toally made sense.


Oh he glossed over something else I noticed which is a pet peeve Of mine.


That was beautifully said.


I’ve got a gender fluid rooster. His name is Carol and he only crows when we are watching tv too loud.