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Push, Pull, Legs 6 Day Split

I’ve done the one muscle group a week routine for quite some time. It has worked well for me but I feel I could do better. I am beginning a pull, push, legs routine over a 6 day split. It will be pull, push, legs, repeat, and Sunday rest. My thought was to do 1 day as a heavy day and the other as an isolation. For example on my first push day I will do mostly barbell exercises and others that are for mainly strength building. The second push day I will do all my isolation exercises. This would consist of mainly dumbbell exercises and single hand cable exercises for triceps. My question is does this seem like a good idea doing strength one day of the push and isolation the next push session or should I split the strength and isolation exercises over both days of the push.Thanks!

Any thoughts?

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My advice would be either:
Try it and find out.
Show us a more specific routine. With exercises, some indication of intensity and a sensible progression plan.

What are your stats/ goals? How many exercises, sets, rep ranges per session? What is the volume and intensity?

I think you need to do your math. I posted it last night.
Anyways I have very intense exercises and push pretty heavy weight. Enough to really gas me but light enough so form is not compromised. I am a big fan of reverse pyramid so that is what I typically do for all my routines. I do a a pyramid set in the beginning to just get the blood flow going. My goals are to put on as much muscle as possible. I probably do 10 to 12 exercises per muscle when doing it once a week. Now when talking strength exercises for example say chest, I am talking stuff that works both pecs together so obviously the dominant one would do more of the load. When I’m talking isolation I am not talking just working the chest I am saying each pec separately for symmetrical purposes such as db press or db fly. I just wanted thoughts on splitting “strength” and “isolation” among the 2 days, keep “strength” for one day and “isolation” for the next, or is it probably irrelevant as long as I hit all the exercises that week.

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What metrics indicate that it worked well? What’s your current height, weight, and general bodyfat, and what are some recent PRs? How have all those numbers changed compared to, say, 4 months ago?

Also, “it worked well but I want better” is a childish approach towards training. If it worked well, ride it out until it stops working well.

Was that supposed to say “sets” instead of “exercises”? I hope so.

In general, sure, when hitting a muscle more than once a week, doing different exercises and/or intensity in each workout is a good approach. The “barbell only” day and “dumbbell/cable” day would be one way to do it.


Well I said it as past tense becuase I feel like it has plateaued over the last year and I would like to change it up. My big lifts haven’t moved too much this past year and it is disappointing because nutrition has been in check. Bench for reps is 315, squat for reps is 405, dead-lift for reps is 475. Yes i did mean exercises. The over training must be hurting me but it is a hard habit to shake when you been working out so long and almost have that OCD for making sure you complete all exercises. This is why I thought splitting those up among two days may benefit me more. Then I wouldn’t be over training and trying to complete all exercises after I’m greatly fatigued.

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