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Push, Pull, Legs 5 Day Cycle?

what do you think about that amss routine for intermediate lifter?

5-day cycle

push/pull/off/legs/off i od nowa

bench 4x8-12, incline db [alternating with dips] 4x8-12, bb overhead press 3x8-12, laterals 3x8-12, cg tricep floor press 3x8-12, weighted hanging pikes 3x8-12

pullups 5x max, bb row 4x8-12, rear delt flys 3x8-12, bb curl 3x8-12, hammers curls 3x8-12, bicycles (weighted) 3x15-20.

front squat 4x8-10, rdl 4x8-10, leg extension (last part of the movement) 3x8-12, calf raise single leg 3x15-20, wieghetd crunches 3x15-20

Kinda like I did, bit different rep ranges erm, and exercises lol… And my first push was chest orientated and the second was shoulder.

i wonder about ab exercises. hanging pikes are ok. but bicycle crunches and cr5unches? maybe sth else?

I never do direct ab exercises. I did legs again on day 6 as well.

Something worth considering is alternating the order of the compound movements…i.e. OHP before bench every other cycle, and RDL before squat. You’re always strongest on your first lift of the day. This way you’ll be motivated to hit the same weight on OHP after benching as you did the cycle when you did it first.