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Push/Pull Imbalance?

hi all, first post for me after 3 years of lurking :smiley:

my stats
184 cm x 96 kgs ~10-11% bf , 26 yr, 4 yrs of “serious” gym training

straight to the point: i’ve got very big problems getting the bench 1rm up.
i’ve always thought the cause was my long levers, but i think there’s something i’ve been missing - sorta imbalance of power between traction exercises and horizontal push exercises.

why? some numbers.
my 1rm on DL is 210kgs
front squat not tested but i can do 8 reps ass to grass with 100 kgs
clean+press 95 kgs
12 chins with b/w
and so on but…
my 1 rm on bench is just 110 kgs and it’s around 1 yr that’s sticked there, even if i proved EVERY strategy to bring up my pecs (doin’ DB presses - one- and two-handed; bands; dips; using flat grip… and every other variation of chest exercises that comes to mind… and two or three others :D)

how’s possible that i’m so strong in ALL other exercises and take my progression and be sticked on that bench?

i care much about the execution and all the other factors (tempo, rest etc.)and i do all my homeworks for core, stabilizers,back and so on.

i train using a modified Waterbury’s ABBH and puttin’in some plyometric work like swings, one arm snatches and the mentioned OL lifts.

maybe i should stop training it for a while? maybe i should start single’s work? maybe i should stop to the first bricolage shop to get some silicone to put under my pectoral major, or getting some sand weights to give the impression that i lift more?

sorry for the bad english and the bad post, i’m here if u want more clarifications.
goin’ to put some photos in the other section.