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Push/Pull Critique

After being asked by my brother to put together a routine for him I decided on push/pull program. His goals are to put on muscle but, he is on a basketball team so, I figured that a regular split would give him problems in regards to soreness. I thought that hitting each muscle twice a week with lower reps would be better.

Push: Ramp 3 Reps
DB Bench
Push Press
Front Squat
CGBP of pins

Pull: Ramp 6 Reps
DB Row
Preacher Curl

Push: Ramp 6 Reps
Incline Db
DB Press
Front Squat
EZ-Bar Ext

Pull: Ramp 3 Reps
Rack Pulls
Stiff Leg DL
Hammer Curls

At the end of push days he’d throw in some calf work on pull AB work. The Main exercises might be changed slightly (DB to BB) based on gym equipment availability.
Any Problems/Suggestions?

Here are the things I see that are retarded:

3 rep DB benching. Problematic.
6 rep preacher curl. Ouch
6 rep EZ-bar extensions. Super ouch.
3 rep stiff-leg deadlifts. WTF? Ouch.
3 rep hammer curls. WTF!?
And you have “RDL’s” and “Stiff-leg DL” on different days… ???