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Push Presses and External Rotations?

hey fellas, i know this is a really stupid question… but how do you perform these exercises? ive never actually done them before and none of my buddies know how to either. im starting the Art of Waterbury so id like to figure all these exercises out.

here’s a video for push press:


For external rotations, lay on your side on a bench. On your side that is facing up, roll up a towel and put it between your side and your upper arm. With your arm bent at the elbow 90 degrees hold a dumbbell out in front of you. One rep would be to raise the weight upwards until your hand / dumbbell is facing upwards, then lower back into the starting position.

bookmark this page, forward it to others. No, it is not all inclusive, but it is a great resource.

The push press is a modified overhead (military) press performed in the standing position. Start with your knees bent and hips lowered, the weight is about collar bone level. As you push the weight up with your shoulders, straighten your legs and drive with your hips. Lower the weight back to shoulder/chest level, then bend back to the starting position.
This will add some body english, allowing you to use more weight. The vets might have a better idea as to what percentage of your shoulder press weight you should use, but I advice you to start off as you normally would with a shoulder press, and concentrate on moving the weight up fast. Once you find your grove with the movement, up the weight, amaze yourself with how strong you’ll feel doing this.