Push Press

In a normal workout split, when should the push press be performed, if at all? Does it really target any specific muscle group? Would it benefit me at all?

It’s just like a standing military press, except you cheat a little with your legs. I’d do them on whatever day you do shoulders on. Of course there’s a benefit to them. You can use a little more weight & they’d also add variety.

What are your goals Princess? Push Presses are normally done by Olympic lifters to help strengthen the shoulders for jerks. So if you are doing Olympic movements, then they may be beneficial for you. But if you are just looking to strengthen and add muscle, then you’d be better off with standing overhead presses, dumbbell presses and laterals. So figure out your goals, and see if the Push Press is really needed to achieve your goals. And most people will do the push presses on their shoulder day or pushing day or clean and jerk day. Got it?

Push presses are a great change of pace from strict OH presses. If you hit a plateau on strict OH presses, push presses can help overcome that. Try this - take a weight that’s 105-110% of your OH press work weight and do OH presses. If during a set you can’t squeeze out another strict OH press finish the set with push press reps. Continue doing this workout until you can eventually strict press the weight for all reps, then increase the weight. Alternatively, you can push press the weight up and use a 4-5 second negative to lower the weight.

Thanks for the reply. My goal is to add muscle mainly. I am always afraid I will lose my balance while doing them, or hurt my back.

if the goal is to add muscle and to remain injury free, then NO. you should NOT do them. peace

PP’s are safe if done properly, but yeah, they’re mainly for strength/explosiveness. Dumbbell OH presses should be fine.

Well hetyey push presses is the only exercise that makes my shoulders sore. So I shouldnt do them if i want my shoulders to get bigger and stronger?

If you bring the bar to collar bone level and bring your arms down and in for the press, it’ll not only hit your shoulders but will also hit your upper chest. Of course, you should never ever perform this movement because it isn’t HIT certified. God knows you’ll never be required to preform quick, explosive movements in life.

I love this shit, someone asks a question, I give an answer, people rip me then I’m sure I will be accused of takeing over the thread. golberg, if you did 100 rep laterals you will get sore but does that meen you will get bigger? you can’t realy use soreness as your guide to wether an exercise is effective. eag, when was the last rime you had to explode up and push something over your head? come on thats a bad argument, when was the last time you HAD to do a chin in real life? the point is for muscle growth momemtum is the enemy. if your delts get sore from push presses goldberg lets look at what you are doing, 1/4 squat, 1/8th overhead press and if you lower the wt. under control, 1 negative rep overhead press, I would guess the negative is what is makeing you sore.you wanna feel sore try superslow overhead presses. peace