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Push Press


I've just recently realized that my shoulder strength sucks. I haven't done any shoulder movements in almost 6 months now, and my bench (among other things) is suffering from it. I stopped doing military presses and raises for fear of developing a strength imbalance (so my posterior/medial delts are up to par). I just never realized that I would suffer from excluding standing military presses altogether. So yesterday I tried them (dong CT's Reinassance Man program), and it turns out that I can barely complete the sets that I could easily in March with 15 pounds less.

I know that you use less weight with standing that with seated presses (yesterday was the first time i did standing), but this was still shocking, considering that I've gone up significantly in all my major lifts.

So, I decided to start doing push presses (especially since Coach Davis listed them as one of his top 9 exercises; if CD likes = functional strength, which is a priority for a soccer player like me). The thing is, I lack the flexibility in my wrists to do them from the clean position (bar resting on shoulders, wrists back), so I was wondering if I could do push presses with just a regular military grip until I develop enough flexibility (lack of flexibility is the main obstacle that keeps me from learning all the olympic movements)?


short and sweet- yes


lol, sorry bout the long post.


Of course, and use a power rack to start with the bar at shoulder level. Also try dumbbell push presses (one arm and two-arm)

Mike Mahler


The push press is a great one. It's been my bread & butter. It's explosive & the slow controlled negative builds awesome strength!

Add it!


i also have problems w/ wrist flexibility and i do standing militaries, push presses and push jerks with the bar resting on my hands and not my delts. the only problem it that it's harder to get a good leg drive that way, but still it's better than getting an injured wrist/hand.

if you're not going to compete in O lifting then do whatever is more confortable for your body.

also i wrap my wrists for overhead work.

rotate between strict presses and push presses. strict militaries will get your lower back and abs strong.

good luck


I like the Push-Press. But I find that Dumbbell Presses are easier on my wrists.

(You see I have the wrists of a 9 year old girl who plays the piano)