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Push Press

What the hell is a “push press?” I’ve seen it refered to several times particularly in reference to large increases in strength but I don’t know what it is or how to do it correctly. I tried using the Testosterone search engine and didn’t come up with anything.

Power clean the bar up to your chest, then push it overhead while using your legs. I usually don’t set it back on the ground, just rep out from the chest. Killer exercise, great for sports.

i use this alot.
i start with the bar on my chest and shoulders(like i’m going to do a standing overhead press).
i then squat down and explode up out of the squat and then extend my arms overhead and return to the start.
i use a 3x3 rep scheme.

yeah, keep the reps low. it is mainly used for an assistant exercise in olympic lifts. go down to about a quarter squat and explode up. your leg power should force the bar off your chest and your shoulders should do the rest. you can also do them behind the neck.