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Push Press


Just tried this exercise, it is brand new to me. Pretty cool exercise I'll probably switch one week push press, 2nd week strict press and alternate.

Was just wondering, I've been looking on youtube but seem to only find 405 push presses by big guys.

What's a good push press..bodyweight to strength ratio etc. thanks!
Post your own push press if you practice them too!


here's a couple from my youtube-



i weigh anywhere between 260-290 depending on if i'm training for a comp or not.




woo thats awesome! I dipped a bit deeper than you did in the vids but I think i got the concept down.
I'm sittin between 197-201, like you I benched heavy, did some heavy shoulder work and then decided to try some push presses.
It still didn't feel too heavy or anything, but my shoulders were pretty fatigued already from the workout. I really wanna get 315 with this movement.
I think I can do 275 already.
We'll see how it goes!


A good weight is the heaviest damn weight that you can push press at a given time.


The guy in the vid was very strong but I would not personally use him as a model for push pressing. Looked more like the old OL press with too much legs.

A good push press should not involve lay back. Lay back pushes it onto anterior delt whereas in a good push press you should be back vertical when pressing through.

A lot of modern push presses would have been called power jerks in days gone by but I will not debate which is the right term.

Ken Patera did power jerk, push presses in the 550 region. Think Udo beyer East German shot putter did considerably more.


wheres your push press videos?


hmmm ......there was a time before everything in life was videoed, ....funny thing is people still lifted with okay technique


and if you are doubting what I am writing, search them and learn.

oh there is a photo in the old S & H of Patera pressing 550 in the Munich training hall


i just got put down twice in the same post.. now that's funny.


the finish would be locked out overhead, vertically over the body. Rippetoe's starting strength covers that pretty well. Not to say that wasn't impressive or anything. It's a hell of a lot of weight.


Meat, you obviously have no clue as to what you're doing. I could easily handle that kind of weight if I cheated by using leg drive and bent my back, and don't even get me started on using a belt and sleeves. I bet you can't even press 135 with GOOD FORM.

And because people have broken sarcasm detectors, I'm joking.


I could care less what Patera did.

I asked YOU for your video, so stop beating around the bush and post one since you have such a good understanding of the lift.

I just think it's rude to discredit someone who has obviously put the time and energy in to learn the lift, and get strong at it, AND then to go out of his way to post videos of it being done CORRECT to help someone else out.


But it isn't technically correct, regardless of what that guy can do.


Technically correct? I'm not even sure what this means. If you mean, "as stated by Rippetoe", that is fairly meaningless as he has changed how a few lifts are done (most notably the back squat) from what was technically correct to how he thinks they should be done.

The push press is a lift that is designed to be an assistance lift to the jerk. The main idea behind it is that you use a bunch of leg drive and then, without rebending your knees to catch the weight, finish the extension with your upper body. The only thing that Meat wasn't doing was pushing his head through at the top.. but it was 8 reps! Who cares!? Unless you are training to compete in Olympic lifting, getting your head through at the top when doing light weight (and, clearly, if you can do something for 8 reps it is light weight) seems pretty unnecessary as he could clearly balance/stabilize the weight without it.


1) Any leg drive would eliminate it being an OL press.
2) The video didn't show much lay back. How does one press without involving the anterior delt?
3) Pretty easy to distinguish a push press from a power jerk.
4) The original question inferred an average trainee, not world class so who cars about Patera.


I agree with most, except that it was designed as an assistance lift to the jerk. It was originally an assistance lift to the OL press. The are some that believe that Pressing & Power Pressing has some detriment to Jerk speed (don't have a reference right now, but I either read it on on the Dynamic site, or heard it from Bud C directly).


Alright...so I have a couple more questions:

What does "pushing his head through at the top"

Also I noticed that when I was warming up doing 135 and even up to 225 I do almost like a double dip? Is that still considered a push press?
It seems like natural to do that no matter what..is this completely wrong to do the push press?

Lastly I got rippitoe's starting strength book..the latest one he produced..is that one correct to squat, or has he made changes even since then? thanks!


As Sedykh would have said, some people push press I do not push press, (not anymore)

and best OL coach I ever met, Bruce Walsh coached several OL teams and many WC members, best lift was a rather strange power cleans with less than bodyweight.


In OL the weight is locked out over head at the end of both the snatch Snatch and the C&J. Proper alignment dictates that the weight is directly over the lifter's center of mass which for most people means that the chest and head are in front of the bar. Since the bar starts in front of the body, during the completion of moves the lifter shifts under the bar.

I'm not sure if the double dip you're referring to occurs at the beginning of your lift, or if you're initializing with a dip and then dipping again at the end. If it's the first then you are using bar rebound to assist your lift (although at 135 and 225 it wouldn't be much). If it's the latter then you are shorting the range of motion to complete the move. To be honest it's an assistance exercise and how you do it depends on what actual move you want to assist. If it's the press then you should be using as little leg drive as possible and completing with a long ROM press, and if it's the jerk you want to enhance use as much leg drive as possible and finish with a short ROM press.

The version of Rip's books don't matter if you want to squat Rip's way, but if you want to squat Westside, Metal Militia, Olympic, etc got to other sources.