Push-Press... With Dumbbells?

Just a couple quick questions. How does the dumbell version of a push-press compare to its barbell counterpart? Is it worth my time? how about one armed?

I don’t bodybuild but I love 1 armed DB push presses. They hit the bottom portion of the tricep real good on me.

I like the one-arm DB push presses better than BB push presses. It just feels like it works better, which doesn’t necessarily mean anything, I guess, but my shoulder strength has improved since doing them.

They were great! And it adds variety to your training. Hold the dumbbells semi-supinated or pronated and peform them just like you would with a barbell. And yes, you can do them one arm at a time.

Thanks for the input and advice,guys!

bbell press is cool an all.a lil bit hardcore ,an seems like a real power move.good for the delts an the upper chest as well.but since this is not a strongman or PL post,from a bodybuilders point of view,i think dbell press is worth the time u spent on it.
dbell press affords a fuller range of motion.an it feels real nice to work each arm individually.all in all, dbell press is better than bbell pushpress,methinks.

great exercise

we drag the dumbells over to the rack, and do combinations of

5x5 of pullups/chins, back squats, BB push press

so 5 chins, 5 atg back squats, 5 push press repeat 5 times

absolute killer

I decided to incorporate the one-armed push press into my program. I do a push/pull plan so I really only need one good shoulder exercise since they get a beating with chest presses and various rows on pull day. I like em, its a pretty powerful move and i’m able to use a bit more weight than when I did seated shoulder presses.

I also noticed that my right side is a little stronger than the left so I think i’ll need to do a little catch-up work on the left side. I was using about an 85% load and wasn’t able to get the sixth rep on the left side. Its not too much of an imbalance and it hasn’t affected any of my usual presses as far as I know. I should be able to rectify the problem easily.