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Push Press vs Strict Military Press

Do you all do a little bit of both of these exercises or stick to one and why? Obviously push press allows you to do more weight since you’re using some legs but a strict military press has more tension involved. From a bodybuilding perspective where muscle growth is key focus would you choose one or both?

I do the push press on occasion, can be a good tool to improve you’re lockout strength and also very handy if you wanna do a burnout set ect.

Lateral raises

Both have their merits. Push press with 5 secs eccentric are great

Do the strict presses first, and then, throw in some push presses, relying on the leg drive to get up more weight you wouldn’t be able to do strictly so you can milk the increased load on the eccentric portion of the repetitions.

(You’re welcome! -lol)



Hang clean and presses are good. Then standing Arnold presses.