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Push Press vs Military Press

If you were just going to include one pressing movement in your shoulder routine which would it be, the Push Press or a Strict Military Press? Thanks

In my opinon it would depend on your goals.

Bodybuiling: Stricy MP
Sports: Push Press, it would help to increase leg explosiveness.

personally, i’d rotate between push presses, military presses and d.b. military presses.

rotate/alternate etc

Do strict presses to a max set of 5 or 3. Then go right into push press.

Both are great moves that have a place in your program. I like using push presses to increase explosive power and to help increase my military press poundages. Push presses are a great way to blast through military presses plateaus. I really prefer clean and presses with two kettlebells or dumbbells.

As Gino said this would depend on your goals.

If sporting performance is the main goal I would recommend the majority of the time you will use the push press. If bodybuilding is the main goal i would probably prefer the military press the majority of the time.

Keep in mind, a combination of both would be benefical.

Coach Hale