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Push Press: Front Rack or Behind Neck?

I’m going to add in the push press in my workouts again. I have trouble in the front rack position getting my wrist flexible enough. I’ve also seen it done in the back rack position.

Is there a big difference between the two or can this be done with the same benefits as push press from front rack?

Behind the neck presses and push presses are, in theory, more complete then then version from the front in that they hit the medial and posterior delts more. BUT if you lack shoulder mobility they can be a lot tougher (not in the right way) on the shoulders.

Ok. I have done strict behind the neck presses without any shoulder problems so I’m going to try the behind the neck push press. And I feel more powerful in that position than if I did it in the front rack position.
Thank you

Competent olympic lifters are about 5-10% strong on push press/power jerk from behind the neck. Stirct pressing is, of course, a different story.

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