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Push Press 225


I originally posted this in injuries and rehab, but apparently I upset some people who thought i should not be doing lifts like his with a back injury so im just going to repost here. I felt pretty good and was pretty happy how good these felt and how smoothly it seemed to go. It was my last and heaviest set for the day on push press.


What type of back injury are you dealing with?


NW :smiley:


definately injure yourself doing those exercise thingy's, u should double pump your delts with 10lb dumbells,lol.

I think your form looks pretty good and u look like you could lift alot more, can u power clean what u can push press? Must have been alot of bodybuilders in the rehab section and never seen a push press. Your lower back doesnt round so i cant see anything wrong with it. I also have lower back problems but find weight training/oly lifting actually helps, especially overhead squats. A second look at the video, u maybe pressing abit out in front instead of directly overhead(the first few reps anyway) but Im being very nit picky, otherwise its good.



Are you looking for critique/advice?