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Push Myself or take a Rest?

I’m currently doing a 5x5 program to get back in the game- I stopped lifting consistently for maybe a month or two; I went maybe once or twice a week. I just moved into college and was getting assimilated and putting other things before lifting. So, I just started my 8 week program last week, and this week, after my monday workout, my chest was incredibly sore. I’m getting enough protein and carbs and covering all my bases nutrition wise, so that wasnt it. But after my third set, my chest really started to ache. I stopped, deciding it was better to wait and not overdo my CNS or strain my chest. I finished the day with Deads and Hammer Curls.

So, my question is: Should I have pushed myself, or should I have done what I did? I know that only I know my limits (I don’t got no limits mofucka) but what is your opinion?

Sounds like you made a smart decision. Look at it in the long run, which would have effected your training more, that extra set or a pulled pec? How is your sleep? Are you stretching or doing any foam rolling? Foam rolling the chest and delts can be a pain in the ass so I use a theracane I got from elite and the thing is worth its weight in gold.

[quote]MikeyKBiatch wrote:
Sounds like you made a smart decision. Look at it in the long run, which would have effected your training more, that extra set or a pulled pec? [/quote]

That’s an excellent way of looking at it man. My sleep isn’t 8 hours a night sometimes, but I generally use other nights to catch up on my REM. Thanks for the suggestion about the foam rolling, that’s a great idea. They feel like heaven…I’ll definitely do that tomorrow before I start pushin dat iron again on Friday.

I agree with Mikey, think about it in the long run. And don’t try to jump right back into your lifting after a layoff of a few months, gotta ease into it you know. Take an extra week or more getting used to weights again… a tough 5x5 can be intense, especially if you haven’t been active for a while.

All the above suggestions are good advise, but maybe there is too much volume in your training program that you are unable to handle at this point in time. Are you training for a PL Competition anytime soon? Is that why you posted in PL section? If so, you are going to have to learn how to work around minor injuries IF possible.

But in the end, you know your body better than anyone else and you have to be truthfull. Am I just extremely sore or am I actually injured?

Keeping going hard!

Sounds like your being a pussy, just lift. How much are you lifting anyway, I doubt you were close to tearing anything and if it was your first week I doubt on Monday you were going to over train your CNS.

Go to the gym consistently but use less weight/volume. At this point you can do less and still benefit from it. That won’t last too long so just increase as necessary.

what would pudzianowski do?

You’re right to use feedback as your guide. Don’t worry about those who will call you a “pussy” for taking time off. Getting injured absolutely sucks. If you think there’s a significant enough risk of injuring yourself, then it’s smart to take it easy.

When I was younger I would not puss out and train thru it. However, now that Im older [and more run down] sometimes when Im too sore or hurt or whatever I rest. One extra day of rest never hurts. But one day too little rest can

Lift for tomorrow, not today. Its great to give 100% effort and train intensely, but its also much harder to know when to back off and not push the envelope off the table. If your joints are aching, take a deload or even a week off. Add in lots of massage that week, more sleep, stretching, and quality food. You will not regret it. This will help avoid overuse injuries, and gives you a chance to rethink your next workout cycle.