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Push: Measure Force, Power, & Velocity



Anyone seen this?

"Force, power, velocity. Decades of research in sport science have established that these three metrics lay at the core of strength training. PUSH is the first fitness device that allows you to track and analyze these metrics, ensuring that your training is optimized."

Sounds interesting, I wonder how well it works?





Pretty cool video that didn't actually tell you anything about product lol


Or the correct way to do kettlebell swings.


Ya, the little info available, is on the webite.


so it turns your workout into a video game?


Pretty much looks like some kind of accelerometer to me. You most likely input the weight you are using into the computer and then the device measures how quickly you are moving the weight and calculated the force (power) you are generating. Cool idea, but I don't think it would be worth the money unless you were a professional or aspiring professional athlete.


Probly not then either. Tendo units are much much more accurate and precise, and they're what the elites are using. Been around for years and years.


My brother has something at his office called a 'velocity cage'. It's basically a smith machine that measures force exerted against the bar. Kind of a novelty for most, but I guess it's another way for athletes to gauge their strength levels instead of just taking note of the little #s scrawled on the ends of the weights.