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Push Lifts That Feel Good, Stay Steady w/ Ones That Don't?

We all know that most of that time not all four lifts are going to feel great and progress, it’s never linear, it’s about sticking with them until you get that burst out of no where.

I still try to push all my lifts, but I have wondered if it’s best to just hit the numbers required on that day, then move on, no first set last set, no amrap, just the 531 then move onto accessories.

Or is that just a cop out?

My deadlifts for a few months have been feeling dam awful, form has gone to shit, I’ve reset my %s but still struggling, I’m still trying my hardest and hitting 531 + reps, then first set last set. However I am thinking I should step back until it starts to feel good again, hit my reps required and move on?

This is a great idea - program accordingly!

Sweet thanks for reply, bench, squat and OHP feel great. But I have noticed over the years of doing 531, something will feel bad and it seems to rotate and eventually will start to feel good.

But deadlifts especially, when they are going not going to plan trying to push to hard on them, one is asking for injury but two is really affecting my recovery, so decided to just do my numbers and move on until they start to feel fast and efficient again.

Keep your TM no higher than 85% on deadlift. It seems to work very well for that lift due to speed. It also seems to work for most lifts too. We had kids here that we’re getting 15+ reps on their squat and deadlift on the 95% week and we saw incredible long term progress. The TM is a tool, not a test.

Okay I will lower it to 85% on the deadlift. Thanks for replies.