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Push Jerks

So today I did:

Military press:
45 8 reps
65 5 reps
85 5 reps
95 5 reps
105 5 reps
115 3 reps

Push press:
125 5 reps
135 5 reps
145 3 reps

Push jerk
155 3 reps
165 3 reps

This may not seem like much but I only weigh 165. The hardest problem I have is when the weight comes down on the push jerks. My arms feel like they will rip out of the socket. Am I not catching the push jerks properly?


First off to answer your question, I think you may be lowering it incorrectly. Basically all you need to do is unlock your elbows then let the weight fall onto your collar bone. Just before the weight makes contact you should bend your knees to absorb the shock. I know that this may sound kind of painful, but it’s really not that bad. You’ll have some light bruising and maybe a little tenderness after you first 2-3 workouts of doing this, but after that it’s barely noticable.

I would also like to point out that you could get much better numbers in the push jerk if it were placed before the military presses and push presses. I make it a habit to put the bigger more compound lifts first. In this case the push jerk is the bigger lift. Judging by you other numbers you could conceivably be jerking near & possibly over 200 if you were to move it to the front of the workout (before you are tired). This is assuming that your technique is solid. I push jerk & until this year never really trained my military press. So I had a week military press (around 132lbs), but I was able to push jerk 264 (after cleaning it) at a weigh of 175. So you could potentially be throwing up much heavier weight.

Hope this helps.


I was just following a routine that CT had recommended. I can do a standing military with 145 as a 1 rep max. I think you are right. I need to bend my knees more to catch the weight. I think I do more of a ‘negative’ than I need to.


Wanna have some real fun?
Start using an apollons axel, no plate rotation or whip in the bar like an olympic lifters bar.

Fun but brutal.

You should be doing the push jerk and push press before the military press. Or do them on different days.